Lemon Brandy Part 2


Mrs Beeton said ”…let them infuse for 24 hours…”, right?

Unfortunately, the days zipped by and the jar of soaking lemon rinds and brandy was somewhat out of sight on top of a cupboard.  So, let’s just say that 6 x 24-hours should only make the brandy 6 x better?

Here’s hoping.

“It’s lemony” commented my boyfriend aptly as he stuck his nose hesitantly into the jar.

“Well it’s got lemon in it you know,” replied I sassily.

He merely gave me a look and raised his eyebrows.

“So, you going to drink this or something?” he asked hopefully, ear half-cocked towards the living room door, where a computer gamed I’d interrupted him in the middle of was awaiting his incredible shoot ’em up skills.

I returned the look and raised eyebrows.  “No, Mrs Beeton says it’s for lemon custard or something”.

After boiling up the sugar and water called for in the recipe, I let it cool down and mixed it with the brandy (after removing the rinds, of course).  Before adding it, Mrs Beeton says to ”skim” the sugar water, but I guess that’s something to do with old-fashioned sugar preparation rather than modern, because there was nothing to skim off.

It does smell very good – like brandy, of course, and like lemon, as my on-the-ball boyfriend rightly pointed out.

I’ll make a custard sometime this week and reveal what it tastes like.


Lemon Brandy (Recipe 460): http://www.mrsbeeton.com/10-chapter10.html#460


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