Succulently Stewed Carrots

Sometimes it’s not easy trying to sneak in a few extra veg here and there, obviously or in disguise.

My boyfriend’s not overly fond of them, as I’ve pointed out many a time before.  It’s very difficult not to look at him sideways as he assesses his dinner plate each night, trying to work out what looks ‘edible’ (according to his somewhat-caveman visual assessment) and what can be safely left aside after claiming “Yes, of course I tried a bit first! (the unspoken end to this sentence being:  “…before I doused it in salt and slid it around my plate without touching it, so it looks eaten!”.

The great thing about Household Management is that there are plenty of simple new ways to prepare side dishes.  Every now and then, one of these slips by the caveman radar without comment, but more often than not the dish is poked with a fork, followed by the inevitable “So, what’s this then?” in a gently accusatory are-you-trying-to-pull-the-carrot-over-my-eyes? manner.


INGREDIENTS – 7 or 8 large carrots, 1 teacupful of broth, pepper and salt to taste, 1/2 teacupful of cream, thickening of butter and flour.


I like this recipe because it’s easy.  It took a little under 25 minutes from start to finish (not over an hour as was required in Mrs Beeton’s day), with very little intervention from me.

My boyfriend rather liked them, surprisingly.  The carrots were wonderfully tender, more tender than I’ve ever managed to cook them before.  Because of the cream, perhaps?

The only slight disappointment was the vaguely-floury flavour.  Mrs Beeton doesn’t specify the quantity of flour needed, so in my haste to get dinner finished, I guess I overfloured it (and left it on the stove slightly too long, meaning that the liquid had turned to a thickly-coating sauce instead).

But, yummy all the same!


Stewed Carrots (Recipe 1102):


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