When in France…

Well, I was in France yesterday, which is not as far as you might think – from where I’m living in Germany, it’s only 20km or so to the border.  There’s little more exciting on the weekend than ‘going to France’ (which sounds a whole lot better than ‘going 20km across the border’).

I love France.  The sheer marvellous-ness and deliciousness of the food is perfectly true.  Anytime I’m there, I feel a thrill of delight at the endless culinary adventurous-ness my mind and taste buds are inspired to.


INGREDIENTS – A quart of French beans, 3 oz. of fresh butter, pepper and salt to taste, the juice of 1/2 lemon.


Unfortunately, I have to confess that the beans I used weren’t French, nor were they the variety known as ‘French beans’.  But that’s OK – German beans are just as good and it’s the method, not necessarily the vegetable, which makes this a ‘French mode’ dish.

This didn’t take long to put together – boil beans, toss them into a fry-pan to drain off the remaining moisture, add the butter, salt, pepper and lemon juice and voila!

My boyfriend, even though I was totally convinced that he’d hate them, really seemed to enjoy this dish.

“Nice and good and lovely.   Lovely, good and nice!”

I’ve never thought of adding lemon juice to beans before, but it worked really well.

I think I overdid it slightly, giving it a bit of an unexpected tang, but it was as “nice, good, lovely” as my boyfriend said it was.


French Mode of Cooking Beans (Recipe 1091 ): http://www.mrsbeeton.com/25-chapter25.html#1091


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