Vegetables For Pudding

Carrot Cake, OK.  Carrot Jam, well, I was more into it than I thought.  But Carrot Pudding?  Big mental ‘hmms’ as I weighed up the pros and cons of making this recipe.  There was no way I could tell my boyfriend the real name before he tried it… such a foolhardy confession would lead to instant rejection (of the pudding and not, I hope, of me)


INGREDIENTS – 1/2 lb. of bread crumbs, 4 oz. of suet, 1/4 lb. of stoned raisins, 3/4 lb. of carrot, 1/4 lb. of currants, 3 oz. of sugar, 3 eggs, milk, 1/4 nutmeg.


The first ingredient that had me hmm-ing was suet.  I’m vego (my boyfriend emphatically isn’t – any attempt to persuade him otherwise would lead to the Common-Law equivalent of divorce), so the idea of using suet (which I had to research on the internet, just to be sure it was what I thought – i.e. hard animal fat) was not exactly appealing.  I know there are vegetarian versions out there.  I’m pretty sure they must sell both types in Germany too, where I’m currently living, but I haven’t a clue what it could be called or where to find it.

So instead, I substituted the suet for butter, reasoning that it was very much the same for the purpose of making a pudding and a whole lot better for my peace of mind.

I didn’t have any currants – but I ingeniously (or so I felt) soaked a double-portion of dried raisins in some fruit drinking syrup and left them to plumpen for 30 minutes.

‘How interesting, a pudding without flour!’ I marvelled as I put it all together.  Only after it was in the oven did I clock that I’d added breadcrumbs = flour. 😉

Not being very familiar with boiling anything pudding-ish other than the Christmas variety, I decided to bake the pudding instead. Household Management doesn’t state how hot the oven should be, but I opted for 190 degrees Celsius for 45 minutes.

It was absolutely delicious.

“Would have been better with ice-cream,” mumbled my boyfriend helpfully as he, despite the lack of ice-cream, cleared his plate in 2 seconds flat.

There was enough left over for us to have it for pudding the next day too, which he again managed to hoover up promptly enough to beat his 2-second record.  Our eldest cat got her paws on a piece – even she approved (but then again, she pretty much eats anything – recently, she leapt onto the table and slyly polished off some asparagus and Hollandaise sauce before we had a chance to react!).

This is a nice, easy pudding – I can see myself making this again in the near future.

With ice-cream, naturally.


Carrot Pudding (Boiled or Baked) (Recipe 1259):


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